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Dr. Rakesh S Ramesh
Designation : Professor Grade II & Head
Department: Surgical Oncology


1. Association of Surgeons of India
2. Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India AMASI
3. Association of Surgical Oncologists of India ASOI
4. Thyroid Society of India
5. ABSI[Association Of Breast Surgeons Of India ] life member
6. The European Society Of Surgical Oncology
7. Bangalore Oncology Group

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6. Does quality of life among modified radical mastectomy and breast conservation surgery patients differ ? A 5 year

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1. Dr Rakesh S Ramesh- “To assess resilience and lived experience of patients diagnosed with breast cancer”
2. Breast Cancer Hub Epidemiological Research Study
3. Evaluating circulating nucleic acids as biomarkers during tumor progression in breast cancer
4. Development and evaluation of an intervention to enhance resilience in breast cancer
5. To compare the genetic/transcriptional variations in circulating free nucleic acid and primary tumor in breast cancer patients- a cross sectional study
6. Accuracy of sentinel lymphnode biopsy using only methylene blue after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with non metastatic breast cancer
7. HBCR in sources of registration of already existing PBCR at Bengaluru , Chennai , Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata
8. Standardization of Sentinel Lymphnode Biopsy Technique For Breast Cancer and route map for sentinel node detection
9. Pattern Of Sentinel Node Mapping In Breast Cancer According To Site Of Injection Using Methylene Blue
10. Dr Hemanth G. Prospective randomized Study to evaluate axillary reverse mapping (ARM) in breast cancer

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