NPCC – critical care (Nurse practitioner)

Critical Care Nurse Practitioner Program is intended to prepare registered BSc Nurses to provide advanced nursing care to adults who are critically ill. The nursing care is focused on stabilizing patients’ condition, minimizing acute complications and maximizing restoration of health. These NPs are required to practice in tertiary care centers. The program consists of various courses of study that are based on strong scientific foundations including evidenced based practice and the management of complex health systems. These are built upon the bachelor’s program in nursing. When authorized by the nursing regulatory council/s, state or national laws, they may prescribe drugs, medical equipment and therapies. The NPs in CC when exercising prescriptive authority or drug administration as per institutional protocols, they are accountable for the competency in

  • Patient selection/admission into ICU and discharge

  • Problem identification through appropriate assessment

  • Selection/administration of medication or devices or therapies

  • Patients’ education for use of therapeutics

  • Knowledge of interactions of therapeutics, if any

  • Evaluation of outcomes and

  • Recognition and management of complications and untoward reactions.

The NPCC is prepared and qualified to assume responsibility and accountability for the care of critically ill patients under her care.
The said post graduate degree will be registered as an additional qualification by the State Nursing Council.


The critical care NP program prepares registered BSc nurses for advanced practice roles as clinical experts, managers, educators and consultants leading to M.Sc degree in critical care NP


On completion of the program, the NP will be able to

  • Assume responsibility and accountability to provide competent care to critically ill patients and appropriate family care in tertiary care centres

  • Demonstrate clinical competence / expertise in providing critical care which includes diagnostic reasoning, complex monitoring and therapies

  • Apply theoretical, patho-physiological and pharmacological principles and evidence base in implementing therapies / interventions in critical care

  • Identify the critical conditions and carry out interventions to stabilize and restore patient’s health and minimize or manage complications

  • Collaborate with other health care professionals in the critical care team, across the continuum of critical care

Program Description

The NP program is a Nursing residency program with a main focus on Competency based training. The duration is of two years with the curriculum consisting of theory that includes core courses, advanced practice courses and clinical courses besides clinical practicum which is a major component.

At SJCON, our1 st batch of NPCC critical care, commenced on 16 th Jan. 2020with 3 students It is 2 year residency programme, leading to a master’s degree, which prepares the candidates to be well equipped to perform independently in the Critical care setting.

Student Recruitment/Admission Requirements

Applicants must possess a registered B.Sc nurse with a minimum of one year clinical experience, preferably in any critical care setting prior to enrollment.

Sanctioned seats at SJCON - 5
Course Duration: 2 years

I year : 368-92-1748 hrs (Theory-skill lab-clinical) [Theory + Lab=20%, Clinical=80%] II year : 276-184-1748 hrs ( ’’ ’’ ) [Theory + Lab=20%, Clinical=80%]

Courses of instruction:

I Year
  • Theoretical basis for advanced practice nursing

  • Research application and evidence based critical care

  • Advanced skills in leadership, management and teaching skills

  • Advanced pathophysiology applied to critical care

  • Advanced pharmacology applied to critical care

  • Advanced health/physical assessment

II Year
  • Foundations of critical care nursing practice

  • Critical care nursing I

  • Critical care nursing II


Nursing Residency clinical experience (A minimum of 48 hrs/ week is prescribed, however, it is flexible with different shifts and OFF followed by on call duty )

Clinical placements:

I year: 44 wks
II Year: 46 wks
8hrs duty with specified OFFS and on call duty days every week or fortnight

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