Overview - Anatomy

Vision of the department
The vision of the anatomy department is to create a centre of excellence for teaching and research in anatomy, body donation services, genetic diagnosis and counselling.

Departmental objectives
To provide health science students with clinically relevant knowledge of the structure of the human body using interactive teaching and learning methods.

- To conduct high quality research in clinical anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, genetics and anatomy education.
- To provide cost effective genetic diagnostic and counselling services to patients with compassion and care.
- To provide efficient and effective embalming services.
- To motivate and counsel voluntary body donors.

Research done by the department
The department conducts both intradepartmental, interdepartmental and interinstitutional research in clinical anatomy, neuroanatomy, anatomy education and genetics. A large proportion of research projects are conducted by undergraduate students, postgraduate students and PhD scholars under the guidance of the faculty members of the department. Specific areas of research include the effects of electro-convulsive shock on the amygdala and hippocampus, neurosurgical anatomy of the cervical spine, morphology of cerebellum, fascicular architecture of peripheral nerves, anatomical variations, anthropometry, active learning methods in anatomy, histology staining techniques, body donation and clinical anatomy.

List of resources created in the department
PowerPoint presentations for MBBS, nursing, allied health sciences and physiotherapy
General hand book with overview of the anatomy curriculum
Manual for MBBS students including dissection, osteology, histology and genetics record , workbook for embryology,
surface marking and clinical case scenarios(Basic science correlation)
Log book and portfolio as per the CBME requirements
You tube videos for histology, osteology and neuroanatomy

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