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Dr. Nayanthara Joachim
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Anesthesiology and Critical Care.
E-mail :

M.B.B.S: St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka.
M.D: St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka.
BLS and ACLS instructor certified by the American Heart Association.


Member, Indian Association of Anaesthesiologists (ISA)

1. Plethysmographic variability index as a predictor of propofol induced hypotension: a prospective observational study.

2. Effects of Dexmedetomidine, Propofol and Magnesium sulphate in middle ear surgeries: A randomized control study.

3. A comparison of dexmedetomidine with bupivacaine versus bupivacaine alone for scalp block to attenuate the haemodynamic response to skull pin placement in neurosurgical procedures . : A randomized controlled study.

4. Effect of lignocaine versus dexmedetomidine nebulisation on hemodynamic responses to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.

Regional anaesthesia techniques, non-operating room anaesthesia, obstetric anaesthesia.

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