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The S.L Bhatia History of Medicine Museum: It is the central space around which the Department of the History of Medicine of St. John’s Medical College works. It is housed  on the 1st floor of the Museum Block in St John’s Research Institute, with the Museum of the History of St John’s (another unique treasure trove) housed on the Ground Floor. Both spaces are central to history of medicine guided tours and self-directed walks for medical students, faculty, alumni, school students and the general public. The museum also invites donors (doctors and others) to add to the holdings of the Museum by contributing medical equipment, objects, artefacts,  books, etc either their own or of a family member who has passed on. Formal acknowledgements and cataloguing of all donated articles are done. 

1. The History of Medicine and Humanities Library: The library includes books on the history of medicine, ethics, gender, the philosophy of science and medicine, public health policy, early editions of medical textbooks, contemporary and older writings in the broad areas of humanities and health, literature, religion and historical fiction among others. From books on Indian Medicines, 18 th century engravings on human anatomy and children's diseases, to the herbal physician and medical topography sketches of 19th century, our library houses around 500 books for researchers and others interested in the progress of medicine around the world. A comfortable reading room with a relaxed yet scholarly ambience is available to all. 

2. The S .L. Bhatia Archives: The archives were started as part of the museum but now have a dedicated space. We have catalogued most of our resources, while not all is digitized. We enable scholars or anybody interested in History of medicine and the health and humanities to use these resources while requesting to be acknowledged in their final work. The information resources are made available through request to meet the research need of the scholars and the general public that will inspire in creation of new knowledge as well as challenge existing knowledge.

3. Exhibition Space: The department is committed to the idea of public engagement and curates exhibitions on different themes, which includes interactive sessions, storytelling and so on. The Museum also conducts Gallery walks for School/College Students and Lay Public.

4. Internships: The Museum and Archives conducts various internship programs for graduate and post-graduate students interested in Museology and Archiving processes. Research

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