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ASTriCC: Advanced Simulation Training in Critical Care Medicine
St. John’s ICU has an Advanced Simulation training program which runs twice a year to train the critical care students using advanced ICU Simulator. This interactive session will cover core topics in respiratory physiology and hemodynamic monitoring; ultrasound, heart-lung interactions and complex ICU scenarios will give hands on experience using the simulator.

And we are proud to say that the Advanced ICU Simulator was designed by the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru in collaboration with the Department of Critical Care Medicine.

BEStriCC: Bedside Ultrasonography in Critical Care
BEStriCC is a comprehensive ultrasonography teaching program focused on the use of ultrasonography in critically ill patients. It is a full two day workshop conducted twice a year at our department. The program covers all the concepts, basic facts of critical care ultrasonography and provides opportunity to improve the bedside sonography skills. The program has lectures followed by hands on training both on volunteers and patients as real time at bedside demonstrating both normal and abnormal findings. The delegates get a realistic training needed to improve their skills in acquiring and interpreting the ultrasound images. Also, the interactive lecture on integrating ultrasound findings with clinical information gives a holistic approach for day to day practice.

Simulation training for an in-house staff:
As we have a dedicated Advanced ICU simulator “CRITICA”, which was designed by the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru in collaboration with the Department of Critical Care Medicine, we routinely conduct training programs for doctors, nurses and other para medical staff members.

CoBoStiCC: Copenhagen, Boston and Stewart approach Acid-base analysis
This is a one day workshop aimed at an in depth understanding of ABG analysis and interpretation. With a target audience of intensivists, anaesthesiologists and emergency physicians, we focus on tackling ABGs by Stewarts and Copenhagen approaches in addition to the frequently used Boston Method.

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