Overview - Gynaecological Oncology

Gynaecologic Oncology is a field of medicine which is concerned with pre-cancerous lesions of female genital tract and cancers of the uterus ovaries, vagina, vulva and cervix, as well as trophoblastic disease (cancers that arise during pregnancy).

St John’s Medical College is one among the few institutions in the country which offers super speciality training (MCh) in gynaecologic oncology, recognised by the Medical Council of India

Gynaecologic Oncologists are trained gynaecologists, who are committed to the comprehensive treatment of women with cancer namely prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of women with cancers. Their expertise also extends to those peculiar situations that mimic cancers and which require surgical skills and gynaecological knowledge. At St. John’s oncology services, gynecologic Oncology specialists work as a team with related cancer specialists, other physicians especially with pallative care specialists and clinical psychologists to provide a holistic approach to diagnose and treat women with all types of female genital tract cancers. All cases go through a weekly treatment planning meet and weekly gyne pathology meet.

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