Services - Gynaecological Oncology

Gynaecological Oncology services:

Gynaecologic Oncology Morning Consultation –Monday to Saturday 9am-1.00pm

Gynaecologic Oncology Evening Consultation

Mondays and Thursdays from 4.00pm -6.00pm Dr. Premalatha T S

Tuesdays and Fridays from 4.00pm -6.00pm- Dr. Kiran Kulkarni 

Services Offered

  1. Prevention, Screening, Early Detection

  2. Investigations, Diagnosis

  3. Colposcopy And Dysplasia Clinic

  4. Cryotherapy, Cold Coagulation And Lletz

  5. Tumour Board

  6. Surgical Management Of Gynaecologic Malignancies

  7. Radical Surgeries For Malignancy

  8. Minimal Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopy And Hysteroscopy)

  9. Chemotherapy

  10. Follow Up Clinics

  11. Chronic Vulvar diseases Clinic

  12. Management Of Recurrence And Complications

  13. Terminal Care

  14. Well Woman Clinic

  15. Outreach Well Woman Clinics With Department Of Community Medicine

  16. Cancer Genetic Counselling

  17. Research

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