Overview - Biostatistics

Biostatisticshas been an integral partof St. John’s Research Institute from its inception and in 2016 theDepartment of Biostatistics was formed inSt John’s Medical College. The department plays a pivotal role in the research activities of the St.John’s National Academy of Health Sciences. Apart from research, the department is also involved in the teaching ofundergraduate and postgraduate students of the academy.

The Mission
The mission of the Department of Biostatistics is to serve as a continuous source of expertise in research design and quantitative methods for public health and clinical research & training and to promote the application of most suitable, relevant and advanced statistical techniques in health science research. The department provides a conducive environment for developing newer advanced techniques in study design and data analysis in collaboration with multiple health disciplines.

* Longitudinal data analysis and analysis of serial cross-sectional surveys.
* Semi-parametric time series models for air pollution and health research

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