St. John’s has an enormous amount of talented dancers. Conducting more events for this booming interest is an essentiality as is a community of fellow dancers.

• Nurture the interest for dance.
• Improve the skill of dance.
• Increase opportunities for interested individuals.
• Bring together people with a love for dance across batches and get to know various forms of dance.
• Raise awareness through dance about social issues.
• Provide a platform to showcase the skills of students.

• Workshops by dance professionals.
• Flash mobs to raise social awareness and awareness about various medical conditions in collaboration with Conscientia and IMPACT.
• Dance videos in the social media accounts handled by the club. A dance video was prepared on Doctor’s day the previous year to spread awareness to stop violence against doctors.
• Conducting and participating in dance competitions and fests.
• Platform to learn new dances together as a club.

Student Coordinators Staff Mentors
1. Gaurav Singh (MBBS 2019)
2. Sarah Shibu (MBBS 2019)
3. Samar Walter (Cultural Secretary, Students Executive Committee 2022 – 23, MBBS 2019)

Previous Coordinators
1. Sukrutha George (MBBS 2018)
2. Dilo Hanse (MBBS 2018)
Dr Bobby Joseph (Department of Community Health)

Social Media Handles:
Instagram: @jdc_johnitedanceclub

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