Founded by committee 2020-21. Media team is team that only has 10 to 15 members. They are well organised and well informed about all technological aspects. We collaborate with every club and assist in their workshops and programmes. We also take part in the Inter Class Culturals as event organisers and give technical assistance regarding online submissions. JOHNS STUDIOS is the YouTube channel maintained by media team where we showcase our talents and knowledge.

St. Johns has shown a lot of potential in this digital and technological era. Covid 19 has increased the importance of media in day-to-day life. Media team has gained great importance these times where we connect between people.

Previous works
• ECHOES – _Interview with graduating batch 2014 MBBS
• COVID-19 Awareness video- Health club
• Breastfeeding awareness video - Health club
• Various other health awareness videos – _Health Club
• Online ICC 2020
• Freshers Day Online - batch of MBBS 2020
• Independence Day 2021 – _Live streaming.
• Onam 2021- Live streaming
• ICC 2021 Live Show
• Various dance covers- Dance Club
• Unsung Heroes – _Documentary series - Conscientia (Social awareness club)
• Music covers- Music Club
• Farewell 2022- Photography, Videography, Light and Sound

Student Members Staff Mentors
4. Megha Mariam George - Student Committee member (MBBS 2019)
5. Don Savio George – _Club head (MBBS 2019)
6. Alan Joseph Shaju – _Club Head (MBBS 2017)
7. Joel Baby- Club Subhead (MBBS 2020)
8. Roy Samson- Club Subhead (MBBS 2020)
9. Anton Joseph (MBBS 2019)
10. James Joseph (MBBS 2019)
11. George B Kozhippattu (MBBS 2019)
12. Benson Das (AHS 2020)
13. Megha Mariyam Varghese (AHS 2020)
14. Shebin Joseph (MBBS 2020)
Dr. Aleena Rachel Mathew (PG ENT)

Social Media Handles:
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CpPBrLM9iMaz0hWkoKAbw

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