Clinical Mycology

This advanced centre for fungal infections has been set up with funding from ICMR with an aim to provide services within the state of Karnataka and across its borders including – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Puduchery with the following specific objectives.

The centre will function to include state of the art diagnostic services, Education & Training to strengthen expertise across healthcare facilities, research with collaborations and networking and develop a regional culture collection centre.

● Standardizing the new parameters, we will be introducing and as new platforms for the existing parameters with stringent quality control measures.
● Strengthening the existing clinical advisory services team to effectively manage the external referrals for fungal diagnosis and outbreak investigation
● Offering comprehensive diagnostic services with clinical advisory services for fungal infections.
● Undertaking surveillance studies to map out fungal diseases in the region and add to the data of the country through the existing national network.
● Planning and executing research related to –
epidemiology, pathophysiology and diagnosis
antifungal resistance to develop treatment strategies
infection control and antifungal stewardship
● Creating tailored education and training hub for mycology by developing –
Training Modules for Manpower development
Curriculum for PG training
Collaboration with National and international institutes for Doctoral and Post doc programs
● Developing Regional Culture collection centre which will house all the clinical and environmental isolates for collaborative future research at national level
● Collaborating with national and international institutes for developing cost effective, robust diagnostic platforms for fungal diseases of national importance.
● Create public awareness on mycoses.

Contact Information:
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Location of the facility: 4th floor, Robert Koch Bhavan, SJMC

St. John's Medical College and Hospital,
St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences,
Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, 560034, Karnataka, India.

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