Overview - Paediatric Nephrology

We have approximately 650 inpatient admissions each year with an outpatient schedule of 5000 visits annually. In 2016, the pediatric nephrology care unit performed 750 dialysis sessions (both acute and chronic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), 5 renal transplants and 95 renal biopsies.

In line with our mission, we believe that no child with renal disease should be denied acute management for lack of monetary support. We welcome and treat many children whose families cannot afford health care. For these children, the department provides financial support for the acute management through the hospital administration and NGOs. In addition, we provide voluntary outreach services in rural and semi-urban areas.

Our team of physicians, social worker, nurses and support staff are committed to deliver and maintain a high standard of excellence in the care we provide. We consistently strive to provide quality holistic care through state of art and advanced treatment, compassionate support and communication.

We have the region’s largest Pediatric Nephrology team, caring for more than 5000 children a year with a variety of kidney problems. We provide care specialized to the needs of children with kidney diseases.

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