Services - Emergency Medicine

The department is an AHA-accredited international training centre for conducting Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses and these courses are conducted every month. An Emergency Medicine Technician course was started in 2015. We also conduct the Emergency Trauma Life Support course, developed by our own faculty.

As a routine, the department functions 24/7/365 days to handle emergencies with well-trained, capable senior and junior staff available around the clock. An 8-bedded Intensive Care Unit is an integral part of the department where emergencies of all specialties are admitted and stabilised. It also helps to provide support for mass gatherings in our city, and disaster relief nationally and internationally.

• 24/7/365 care for all emergencies, with trained senior emergency physicians available round the clock

• State of the art monitoring facilities for each bed, availability of all bedside investigations in the department itself, x-ray room within the department

• Minor operation theatre for burns care and minor procedures such as suturing, drainage of abscesses etc.

• Specialists of all departments available on call, who will attend emergency patients at all times

• Trauma care by dedicated trauma team, comprising of emergency physicians, surgeon, orthopedician and other surgical specialists as required, ensuring quick assessment, stabilisation and early operative intervention whenever needed. Regular blood transfusion, as well as massive transfusion of blood products, which is a life-saving measure, is arranged rapidly, with the help of well-stocked and efficient blood bank

• 12-bedded dedicated Paediatric Emergency room, staffed 24 hours by paediatricians

• 8-bedded Emergency Intensive Care Unit, where critical patients can be admitted and treated on short-term basis, till bed is available in main ICU

• American Heart Association accredited International Training Centre for Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support since the year 2002

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