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Out Patient Services are offered from Monday to Saturday except on Sundays and specific Public Holidays.

New Patients Visiting First Time
• Fill in the Information Form available at the Help Desk.
• Proceed to Patient Registration Counter No.42 and register your name. Pay registration fee.
• Carry the OP Record to the concerned OP Clinic and hand it over to the Nursing AIDE
  and kindly wait for your turn for consultation.
• Preserve your Registration Card / Number safely because you are required to produce this on your subsequent visits.
• Out patient record is normally preserved for maximum period of 5 yrs from the last visit to the hospital.

Follow Up / Revisit
• Produce your Registration Card at the Registration Counter No.42 and pay the prescribed fee and collect receipt.
• Proceed to the concerned OP Clinic.
• Your OP Card will reach the OP Clinic.
• Doctors are available on fixed days in a week. Please adhere to these days when you come for follow up.
• Majority of the Superspecialty Services are available at the Silver Jubilee Block. Other services are available
  at the Main OPD Block (The John W. M. Cormack Centre), Oncology Centre and Unit of Hope.

General and Special Consultations
General consultation registration is done from 07.30 am to 12.30 pm.
Special consultation (reduced waiting time) is available during mornings. Maximum of Ten morning special consultations per day which includes patients with prior appointments as well as walk in patients.
Special consultation with certain doctors is available during evenings. This is on prior appointment or walk-in basis. Registration for this facility starts at 2pm.
Please see ‘Charges and Timings’ chart to know about charges for different types of consultations.

Charges & Timings:

Type of Consultation

Time (Mon to Sat)




07.30 am to 12.30 pm

First Visit




Morning Special

07.30 to10.30 am

First Visit under Specialty Services


First Visit under Super Specialty Services


Re- visit: same unit, same timing, under Specialty Services, within 30 days of the payment of 400


Re- visit: same unit, same timing, under Super Specialty Services, within 30 days of the pay of 450


Evening Special

02.00 to 06.30 pm

First Visit under Specialty Services


First Visit under Super Specialty Services


Re- visit: same doctor, same timing, under Specialty Services, within 30 days of the payment of 500


Re- visit: same doctor, same timing, under Super Specialty Services, within 30 days of the pay of 600


Psychiatry General Consultation Rs. 200/-
Psychiatry Special Consultation Rs. 600/-
Evening Psychology Consultation Rs. 600/-
Evening Psychotherapy Consultation Rs. 800/-
Geriatric OPD First Visit Rs. 100/- Re-visit fee for 30 days Rs. 70/-

Cross Consultation: Applicable only on the same day and the same timing. It is mandatory for the first doctor to issue referral slip for cross consultation. Pay the referral fee at the registration counter and proceed to the concerned doctor with the folder. Fee: General Rs 70 / Morning Special Rs.200 / Morning Super Special Rs.200 /Evening Special Rs 200 /Evening Super Special Rs 250/-

Kindly get your money refunded if you have not consulted the doctor, during the same visit.
Appointment System
• Patients can avail 30 days advance appointment for the special consultation. Appointments can be taken directly from the Information Counter No.1 or over the telephone. Numbers: 22065003 / 22065004 / 22065008 / 22065250. You will get a confirmation SMS after the booking and a cancellation SMS if the doctor is unavailable on the day of your appointment.

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