Services - Psychiatry


Out – patient clinic functions from Monday to Saturday from 8:30am – 12:30 pm
Unit I A – Monday and Thursday
Unit I B – Tuesday and Friday
Unit I C – Wednesday and Saturday
All the faculty members of the unit will be available in the clinic on OP days.
Assessment and diagnosis of all mental illnesses
Management of acute and chronic mental illnesses
Pharmacotherapy for all mental illnesses
Psychosocial therapy administered by the treating psychiatrist / the Clinical Psychologist / PSW team member


Admission and management of all mental illnesses
Psychiatry emergency services.
24 hours on call duty psychiatrist is available to handle psychiatric emergencies either at emergency department or in any ward of the hospital
If no inpatient beds are available, and the required services not provided by us those patients will be referred to other centers.



The psychiatry duty doctors attend emergency calls from any of the other departments or from the emergency department.
The time frame for attending the call would be immediate (Within 10 – 15) as far as possible.
If the duty doctor is already attending a call, the doctor shall answer the emergency call over the phone and explain the time for required to be there in person.
Duty doctor will issue no orders over the phone, prior to seeing the patient.
All emergency calls will be discussed with the 2nd on call consultant before management is planned
All the patients who are seen on an emergency basis will be seen by the consultant the next working day, and subsequent follow up / review procedure will be documented in the chart.

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