Medico Social Work

Medico- social work was founded in the year 1979 by Dr. Sheila Daniel, to look into problems faced by patients during their treatment. During the last two decades and more, this department has endeavored to help the ill, bewildered, worried, frightened patient who comes to the St. John’s Hospital. The Medical Social Worker (MSW) was, and is, the link between the patient, the Hospital's Medical team, its administration and the community at large and also to provide holistic intervention to the patients and families to deal with their crisis situation in terms of medical, social, psychological, economic and vocational issues.

Medical social work department is located on the 4th floor in the Unit of Hope Block, office hours 9.00 am -5.00pm. We medico social workers at St. Johns empower individuals, groups and communities .We practice our professional application of social work values, principles, techniques and knowledge of human development and behaviors, economic and cultural factor. We respond and deal with both crises and emergencies, personal and social problem.

Over the years, the Department of Medical Social Work has grown in terms of personnel and activities, and in terms of acceptance of the role of the Medical Social Worker by the medical and para medical staff of the Hospital. Most of all, it has grown in terms of the help extended to the poor and needy patients of the Hospital. The doctors, nurses and other staff of the St. John’s Hospital refer many of the cases handled by the MSWs.

• The social work department offers a service to all patients and families within the hospital. We accept referrals from wards, doctors, patients and families themselves, as well as community and outside agencies/ organization.
The key services are as follows-
• Counselling Services /Psycho Social Intervention Programme in Specialty and Super specialty Departments
• Psycho education and Medical Adherence
• Counseling in intensive care units
• Grief counselling/ Management
• Cadaver Counselling
• Transplant Counselling/ Workout
• Pre child adoption counseling -Adoption Counselling
• Infertility couple Counselling
• Marital Counseling
• Counselling on effective Parenting
• Teen Counseling
• Vocational Counselling / Job Placement
• Group therapy – Support group intervention
• Crisis intervention
• Family Therapy
• Working with Social problems
• Psycho –social Rehabilitation Programme
• Socio economic assistance/ Resource Mobilization
• Networking and Referral services
• Assistance regarding legal issues
• Training of post graduate social work students.

Role of social workers:
• Patient assessment (Socio-Demographic/Psychological assessment)
• Psycho-Social Intervention/Counseling
• Forming Support Group for chronic illness
• Group Therapy
• Ward Visits
• Case studies and case presentation
• NGO/Agency/Home Visits
• Literature review on various disease/Assignments on various diagnosis
• Report writing and record maintenance
• Participation in case conferences/discussions
• Rehabilitation Programme.

Cartoon Painting Project initiated in our hospital with the support of The Open Arms Foundation (TOAF).

St John's Medical College Hospital is dedicated to achieving the best healthcare facility for all, especially for children who are diagnosed with various short term, long term, and chronic illnesses. The best healthcare facility also involves providing a child-friendly ward by creating beautiful artwork on the walls and corridors of various wards.

The team from the Medico Social Work department identified this need to create wards and corridors in St. John’s to help the children to be at ease during their treatment journey in our hospital. This improves and promotes the overall wellbeing and health of everyone.

Therefore, the Cartoon Painting Project was initiated in our hospital with the support of The Open Arms Foundation (TOAF). TOAF is a Bangalore-based registered NGO run by a Board of Trustees on a voluntary and non- profit basis. TOAF works with partners like hospitals, on the ground primary care workers and organizations. TOAF contributes funds to help provide lifesaving and supporting treatment to those without the means to afford the specialized medical treatment required. TOAF supports people who have less access to basic resources.

TOAF funded artwork in wards of the department of Paediatric Medicine, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatric Nephrology and Paediatric Hemato- Oncology. With the support of TOAF, the coordination of Medico Social Workers, and the Artist, the ward has become brighter and more colourful. The Artist, along with the support of Medico Social Workers and Doctors, have incorporated various themes like Jungle Theme, Circus Theme, Disney Theme, Ocean Theme and all the cartoon characters that would bring happiness for children.

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