Services - Division of Human Genetics

The Division of Human Genetics was established in 1972 by Dr. Manorama Thomas under the auspices of the Department of Anatomy. Dr. Manorama Thomas had a vision to start the Division after her formal training from the University of Heidelberg in 1969 -70.Through her sincere, committed and meticulous efforts she standardized and started the first Cytogenetic Lab in India. Thus, the Division of Human Genetics takes pride in being the oldest and the only Clinical Genetic / Cytogenetic & Counseling Centre among the Medical Colleges/Hospitals in India. The Genetic Clinic caters to various patients (both Pediatric and Adults) diagnosed with genetic disorders. In addition to detailed pedigree analysis, examination for dysmorphic features and other history, Karyotyping (Chromosome analysis) and gene analysis is done for various genetic conditions.

The Division also caters to teaching Genetics to MBBS, Dental, Nursing and Medical lab technologists and various other sub-specialties of Genetics.

The Cytogenetic Lab is an NABL accredited lab providing diagnostic services such as Karyotyping. The Cytogenetic lab has extended its services to chromosome breakage studies, Cancer Cytogenetics, FISH for leukemias and Microdeletion studies.

Both pre test and post test genetic counselling is offered to all cases seen in the Genetic Clinic.

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