Dieatry Services

"We help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes."
Dietetics is the science of managing food and nutrition to promote health.
Dietitians are food and nutrition experts who provide nutritional services in hospitals, schools, nursing care facilities and other institutions. These essential health care professionals are responsible for developing food and nutrition programs to prevent and treat illness and to promote good health.

Our Vision
To serve international, national, regional and local communities by discovering ways in which food and its bioactive components contribute to health and the prevention of disease. We strive towards this through effective application of nutrition knowledge in order to improve human health and well-being.

Our Mission
To create and share knowledge to ensure a safe, healthy, and appealing supply of food that supports the well-being and prosperity of people and the environment.

Activities of the department
The dietary department serves food for 1370 people which includes religious Fathers, nuns, staff nurses, undergraduate and postgraduate students, hospital faculty and allied health personnel. Additionally, on an average, we also serve food for around 210 patients and their attenders. We meet the normal and therapeutic needs of the inpatients and attenders. The nutritional assessment of the patients is done through dietary recall, bio-chemical parameters, anthropometry, medical history and prescribe individualised diets according to the requirements. Planning, prescribing and implementing Medical Nutrition Therapy, providing nutritional counselling and making necessary amendments in the diet plan according to patient needs is done by the dietitians.

Types of diets that we provide:
• Clear liquid diet
• Liquid diet
• Semi-solid diet
• Vegetarian diet
• Non-vegetarian diet
The special types of feed that we provide are Ryle’s Tube Feed, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Feed and Jejunostomy feed

Our specific therapeutic diets are:
• High protein diet
• Diet for Hypertension
• Lactose (milk) free diet
• Diet for cardiac patients
• Bland diet as required by certain medical conditions
• Diabetic diet
• Low fibre diet as required by certain conditions
• Diet for patients with renal issues
• Diabetic Renal diet

Dietary In-charge: Sr. Sophy
Total number of staff involved: 88

Contact :-
Ph: 08022065217
Email: sjmch.dietary@stjohns.in

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