Quality Policy

St. John’s Medical College Hospital shall continually strive to make quality a central characteristic of all its services. It shall achieve this by incorporating the best quality practices in all its operations, and through appropriate training, adoption of technology, and strong leadership.

The mission of St. John’s is founded on a desire to deliver healthcare to those in greatest need of the same. To fulfil this mission, the institution recognises that it has to demonstrate unwavering commitment to the quality of its services, as much as it does to training.

In pursuit of such quality, the Laboratory services of St. John’s achieved accreditation under the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) standards. The mark of accreditation that appears on all our laboratory reports is an assurance to our patients that their laboratory tests are performed, interpreted and reported adhering to the highest standards of quality prescribed for laboratories.

Infections picked up in hospitals are a major cause of poor outcomes of treatment. They also increase costs of hospitalisation as well as costs of absence from work and loss of earning opportunities. Limiting the risk of patients and staff picking up infections in hospital, St. John’s undertook to implement robust infection-control practices throughout the organisation. In recognition of the implementation of these practices, the National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals (NABH) has awarded us the Safe-i certification.

In further pursuit of quality, we are now gearing up for our accreditation under NABH standards.

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