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Dr. George Albert D'souza
Designation : Professor Grade I
Department :Pulmonary Medicine
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Indian chapter of “The American Chest Society”

Indian Lung cancer Study Group

Founding Member
National academy of Pulmonary Medicine

Priya Ramachandran, Uma Devaraj, Sandeepa HS, Kavitha V, Uma Maheswari K and George D’Souza. Mixed Method Model to Assess CPAP Adherence Among Patients with Moderate to Severe OSA. Ind J Chest Dis All Sci 2019; 61:119-22.3

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A 52-week treatment, multi-centre, randomized, double blind double dummy, parallel-group, active controlled study to compare the effect of QVA149(indacaterol maleate/ glycopyrronium bromide) with Salmeterol/Fluticasone on the rate of exacerbations in subjects with moderate to very severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- funded by Novartis Health care Pvt Ltd-Principal Investigator.Rs.19.60 Lakhs

Programme support for HIV-TB co-Infection-Developing a clinical core for In-Depth studies of the correlates of protective immunity to HIV-TB co-infection- funded by Department of Bio Technology- Principal Investigator-Rs 104.10 Lakhs

A multi-centric observational study to examine replicative fitness and pathogenic properties of the emerging new viral strains of HIV-1 in India- funded by Department of Bio Technology- Co-Principal Investigator -Rs 72.98 Lakhs

Diagnosis of Tuberculosis using host and bacterial biomarker signatures -Grand challenge-TB control program financially supported by USAID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and BIRAC/DBT-–Principal Investigator-Rs 49.84 lakhs

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